What is Adafruit Flora ?

Let’s know about Adafruit Flora

If you are interested in wearables, Adafruit Flora is for you. It’s a wearable electronic platform based on the most popular Arduino microcontroller. Flora’s size makes it an ideal choice for embedded it in clothes and apparel. It comes with a thin, sewable, conductor thread which acts as the wire that connects the power and other accessories. The latest version of Flora ships with a micro-USB and Neopixel LEDs for easy programmability and testing.

Adafruit Flora is based on Atmega 32u4 microcontroller, which powers Arduino Mega and Leonardo. There is an onboard polarized 2 JST battery connector with protection Schottky diode for use with external battery packs from 3.5v to 9v DC. Given its compatibility with Arduino, most of the sketches would run without modifications. You can use the same Arduino IDE with that you may already be familiar.

Image Credit- Adafruit Flora

Content Credit – Adafruit Flora

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